Time left until the start of the population and housing census

Purpose and time of testing the census

Register-based component of the census

To evaluate the register-based component of the census, Statistics Estonia carried out two pilot censuses, the first in 2016 and the second in 2019. Both pilot censuses confirmed that the characteristics formed on the basis of registers are in compliance with international quality requirements.

Results of the first pilot census 2016

Survey component of the census

Statistics Estonia tested the census survey component in January 2021 during a month-long rehearsal of the population census. 843 persons living at 422 addresses responded to the test survey online. Interviewers collected responses from 785 persons living at 410 addresses. The test survey response rate was 87.5% and feedback was positive. Read more here.

The purpose of the test questionnaire was to test survey methodology, informing of people, the questionnaire and how the questions are understood.