Use of state databases

Estonia has a good system of state databases with data on all residents and dwellings in Estonia. It is practical to use these data for conducting the census, as well as in other official statistical activities.

In organising the 2021 census, Statistics Estonia cooperates with nearly 30 registers. The main registers are, for example, the population register, register of buildings and registers of the Land Board, Tax and Customs Board and Health Insurance Fund. In addition, information from other state databases is used to complement and improve the accuracy of the results.

Databases play an important role in a register-based census. The administrator of each database should ensure that the dataset is complete, containing all the data required by the statutes of the database. All data must be accurate, complete and up-to-date. The register-based census requires a secure and operational data exchange platform. Estonia uses the internationally recognised X-Road, which was developed in Estonia.

Cooperation during the preparation of the register-based census contributes to better data quality of all databases, which makes the use of these databases more efficient for the benefit of society.

Requirements for register-based census

  • State databases
  • Coverage of state databases – total population and dwellings must be covered
  • Continuous updating and quality of data in state databases, ensured by consistent checking
  • Compatibility of state databases (incl. compliance of all addresses with the address standard)
  • Consistency of definitions and concepts in state databases with those used (internationally) in population censuses

State databases used in the 2021 census

  • ADS – address data system of the Land Board
  • ARIREG – Commercial Register
  • EHIS – Estonian Education Information System
  • EHR – National Register of Buildings
  • EMPIS – Estonian Unemployment Information System
  • EMSR – Estonian Medical Birth Register
  • e-toimik – e-File system
  • ETR – Register of Residence and Work Permits
  • KIR – Prisoners’ Register
  • KIRST – Health Insurance Information System
  • KMAIS – Identity Documents Database
  • KOPIS – Mandatory Funded Pension Register
  • KR – Land Register
  • KVKR – National Defence Obligation Register
  • MKR – Register of Taxable Persons
  • RAKS – Register of Granting International Protection
  • RETS – Estonian Medical Prescription Centre
  • RR – Population Register
  • SAP – State Personnel and Payroll Database
  • SKAIS – Social Security Information System
  • SPR – Causes of Death Register
  • STAR – Social Services and Benefits Registry
  • TETRIS – Database of Work Ability Assessment and Work Ability Allowance
  • Traffic Register
  • TÖR – Employment Register
  • Data warehouse of Elering