Time left until the start of the population and housing census


Video: why do we need a population census?

The earliest population census in Europe that we know about took place in Athens in the 16th century BC. By order of the king, each resident brought a stone to the centre of the city. The stones were counted and thus the number of inhabitants was determined. In this video, Population and Housing Census project manager Liina Osila explains why we need a population census today.
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The Statistical Council reviewed last year and was briefed on census methodology

Today, on 25 February, the Statistical Council held a meeting where they reviewed last year’s results and commended the production of official statistics, but the Council also acknowledged that the statistical system continues to be underfunded. The Council was briefed on the methodology approved by Statistics Estonia for the Population and Housing Census: namely, a register-based census, which is in accordance with EU regulations, combined with a sample survey to collect data on characteristics not covered by registers.
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More than 1,600 people participated in the census rehearsal

At the end of last year and beginning of this year, Statistics Estonia carried out the main rehearsal of the Population and Housing Census. 843 persons living at 422 addresses responded to the test survey online. Interviewers collected responses from 785 persons living at 410 addresses. The test survey response rate was 87.5% and the received feedback was generally positive.
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The main rehearsal of the population census continues with phone interviews

In the population census online test survey, which started at the end of last year, Statistics Estonia received answers about 828 persons living at 410 addresses. Interviewers started working on 20 January and they will contact by phone the people who live at the addresses in the survey sample but who did not respond to the questionnaire online.
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