Enumerators are out and about, but there are no home visits

There is exactly one week left until the end of the Population and Housing Census, as data collection continues with phone interviews. Due to the epidemic, there will be no home visits during this census. But enumerators are visiting the addresses included in the mandatory random sample to post notes that ask residents to make contact.
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Whom will enumerators call in February, and why?

The Population and Housing Census continues in February but on a smaller scale and mainly as phone interviews. Home visits, which were used during the previous census, will be kept to a minimum by Statistics Estonia, to prevent the spread of any viruses.
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The census continues: enumerators start their work today

The Population and Housing Census, which started at the end of last year, continues on a smaller scale in February. Throughout the month, enumerators are contacting the people who did not respond to the e-census but live at mandatory sample addresses.
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