Time left until the start of the population and housing census


Census in your pocket: follow us on social media

The Population and Housing Census is a major campaign that must literally reach every Estonian resident. Without the involvement of social media this would probably be impossible nowadays. By following us on Facebook and Instagram you’ll always have the newest information.
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Most of the census data come from registers

Statistics Estonia is making preparations for Population and Housing Census 2021. In contrast to previous censuses, this time the majority of the required data will be obtained from state databases. People will answer only to the questions for which there are no data available in any of the databases.
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Information from state registers as well as a questionnaire will be used for the population census

Today, a team from Statistics Estonia met with the census committee of the Estonian Government to present the questionnaire of the Population and Housing Census 2021 and discuss the current state of the project. The exact census methodology will be decided once the allocation of additional funds from the government reserves for 2021 and from the 2022 state budget has been confirmed.
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