Survey: most people are willing to update their register data, but only a few have done it

Posted on 18. November 2021 10:14

86% of Estonian people are willing to review and update their personal information in the population register and in the register of buildings before the population census begins at the end of this year. Still, only 16% of the population, on average, have logged into these registers over the last year, as revealed by the survey carried out by Kantar Emor.

The population census, which was last conducted ten years ago, will mostly be based on data in registers. Therefore, the first step in the enumeration process is the revision of available register data. The recently conducted survey showed that 86% of Estonian residents are willing to update their register data. At the same time, 14% of residents have visited the population register and 17% of residents have logged into the register of buildings over the last year.

Liina Osila, the Population and Housing Census project manager at Statistics Estonia, said that over a half of the residents know that they have been asked to review and update their data in the registers. “The majority of the census data will be collected from different registers. So, to ensure reliable and accurate results, we really hope that, over the next few months, everyone can find a few minutes to review their data,” said Osila. “Based on the survey, most people are aware of this and willing to update their information, but the reality is that so far only a small share of residents have done it.”

According to the survey, 53% of the Estonian population are aware of the recommendation to check and update their personal details in the population register. This awareness is higher among the younger age group and among Estonian-speaking residents. “We are ready to advise anyone in this updating process. The important thing to know is that people who cannot use the online registers, because they do not have an Internet connection or the necessary digital competence, can still update their data by contacting the local government,” explained the census project manager. She added that children and grandchildren can help their parents and grandparents in checking the necessary register data online.

The survey results show that people have most often logged into the e-population register in order to change the address of their place of residence. In this register, residents can also update other information, including level of education, details of family members, contact details and nationality. The easiest way to do this is to go to the website and sign in using the ID-card, mobile-ID or Smart ID.  

The updating of register data is the first stage, followed by the Population and Housing Census that begins on 28 December. During the census, all residents are encouraged to fill in a short e-questionnaire with questions about knowledge of languages and dialects, religion and health-related limitations.

The quantitative interview survey among Estonian residents was carried out in October 2021 by Kantar Emor at the request of Statistics Estonia. The target group consisted of permanent residents of the Republic of Estonia aged 15 and above. The respondents were surveyed using web and phone interviewing.