The census continues: enumerators start their work today

Posted on 1 February 2022, 8:41

The Population and Housing Census, which started at the end of last year, continues on a smaller scale in February. Throughout the month, enumerators are contacting the people who did not respond to the e-census but live at mandatory sample addresses.

The second stage of the census, which includes phone interviews mainly, lasts from 1–28 February. “We successfully completed the e-census stage. Thank you to everyone who volunteered to complete the short online questionnaire. In February, census takers will contact the people who live at the addresses that are included in the mandatory random sample if they didn’t respond to the online questionnaire or didn’t finish it,” said Liina Osila, Population and Housing Census project manager at Statistics Estonia.

“Our goal is to conduct the second stage of the census by phone; personal interviews are our last option, considering the current pandemic. If necessary, these will take place with prior agreement and by observing strict health and safety rules,” added the project manager.

Osila also stressed that if there is a possible scam or if someone suspects something of the sort, they should immediately contact Statistics Estonia. “As a reminder: the interviewers of Statistics Estonia do not ask for any bank account information, pin codes or money to be transferred. If there is any suspicion, it is possible to check the interviewer’s name and ID number with the customer support of Statistics Estonia,” said Osila. “If the census taker refuses to identify himself or herself or a scam is suspected, both the police and Statistics Estonia should be notified immediately.”

For an at-home interview, census takers show their proof of employment, which includes the person’s name, ID number and the census logo. Enumerators wear a bright scarf and gloves with the census logo and colour scheme. Personal interviews are scheduled for the second half of February.

By January 22, nearly 600,000 persons were enumerated using the online census questionnaire. The goal of the second stage is to collect sample survey responses from as many people living at the mandatory sample addresses as possible. Although just over 61,000 persons across Estonia live at such addresses, all completed e-census forms are taken into account in the census. The survey data are supplemented with data obtained from 32 registers. Therefore, all Estonian residents will be enumerated.

The collected and analysed data will be published gradually starting from June until the end of 2022. In the case of questions, the customer support of Statistics Estonia can be reached at +372 625 9300.


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