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Logo and visual identity of the 2021 census

The Population and Housing Census 2021 is unique, because a very big role in its success will be played by all of us, that is, the people living in Estonia. For the first time in the history of censuses, the population census will make maximum use of the data available in registers – as befits Estonia who is known for its innovative e-services. It is a big change and a big leap, which is why the census is referred to as “The big Estonian population E-census”.

The word ‘big’ emphasises that something huge and important is about to happen. It is something that involves the entire nation. On a deeper level, it refers to the fact that this will be the last census conducted this way. In the future, population censuses will be fully register-based. Therefore, we must make this final, big effort all together.

The census logo features the typographic year number of 2021 where a happy smiley face stands out. The logo indicates when the census will take place. It symbolises that every citizen of Estonia and all the people living here are the most important aspect of the census. Everything that Statistics Estonia does is done for the people and is eventually useful for all of us.

The slogan of the 2021 population census is “Estonia counts!”, indicating that all residents will be counted, or enumerated. “Estonia counts!” also means that we count, that the country and the people have power. We may be small in number but we have a big impact as an innovative digital society. “Estonia counts!” also conveys the idea that Estonia matters for its citizens who want to be a part of whatever Estonia does and are proud to do so.

During the active period of the 2021 census, the slogan “Estonia counts!” can be adapted locally. For example, it can be rephrased as “Rakvere counts!” or “Põlva counts!“ to communicate that the active stage of the census is underway in the Rakvere and Põlva areas and enumerators are visiting residents. A variation on the slogan (e.g. “I count!”) can be printed on the t-shirts or badges worn by enumerators, to let people know what job the person ringing their doorbell is there to do.

The logo and visual identity of the 2021 census were developed by the Kontuur Leo Burnett advertising agency.