Census: Population data are the first to emerge, followed by living conditions

Posted on 23 May 2022, 11:58

Thanks to the population census being register-based, Statistics Estonia will be able to start publishing data much earlier than in previous censuses. All data will be published by the end of the year!

The first official census data will be published shortly, namely on the 1st of June. The exact location and gender-age distribution of the Estonian population will be revealed. Compared to existing statistics, the census data are much more accurate. For instance, we will know the location and density of the population down to the level of villages.

The first census data to be published will give us a more detailed overview of Estonia's population – how many different nationalities we have, where they live and how this has changed over time. In July, we will find out in what kind of dwellings Estonians live. 

Information gathered with self-assessment questionnaires will be made public towards the end of the year, as this data requires a little more scrutiny and analysis. Then we will find out who or what our people believe, which foreign languages they speak, how people rate their health, etc.


Population census data publication calendar

1.06.2022 Location and gender-age distribution of population

5.07.2022 Dwellings and buildings with dwellings

3.08.2022 Education

6.09.2022 Households and families

4.10.2022 Native origin

5.10.2022 Living conditions

2.11.2022 Religious affiliation (on the basis of a survey)

3.11.2022 Command of foreign languages. Dialects. (on the basis of a survey)

23.11.2022 Native origin and migration (on the basis of a survey)

28.11.2022 Health (on the basis of a survey)

15.12.2022 Economic activity, sources of subsistence, and labour migration of population


The data publication calendar of Statistics Estonia can be viewed here.